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Here you can discover the universe of Shooting Stars. Meet the characters. Watch the movies. And learn about future projects with the Shooting Stars gang including their first full movie project, Shooting Stars 3 - The Book of Prophecy.

Shooting Stars Book Project
We want YOU!!

Call all Shooting Stars fans...
As you can see from this website, KnightTrek Productions is currently working on the Shooting Stars gangs first full movie project, Shooting Stars 3 - The Book Of Prophecy. To corrispond with the release of the movie, Paul Boland is working on a book documenting the history and future of Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, Prizbot, Saber and PuzBot. It is planned that this book will be released along side the release of the Shooting Stars 3 movie. More details on this book will be released closer to the release of Shooting Stars 3, but for right now, We want YOU!!!

Before becoming a movie, Shooting Stars 3 was originally planned as the final installment of the Shooting Stars game series. Part of that release was a Q&A session where we would take in questions from you, the Shooting Stars fans, and would answer them in a video included with Shooting Stars 3. What was to be that video is now going to be a published book. And part of that book will be the Q&A session that was originally planned.

So we are inviting you to submit your questions about Shooting Stars. They can be anything, from character related, to the universe, to the games, to the movie, to the characters past movie adventures, to ANYTHING at all about the Shooting Stars series. If you have a question, send it in to us. We will pick the most interesting and best questions and they will be answered within the pages of the published book (and online too). There is currently no deadline for submitting your questions but get them in A.S.A.P.!! You can ask as many questions as you wish, submitting new ones as many times as you wish.

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