My name is Paul Boland and thanks for visiting my small corner of cyberspace.

I established KnightTrek Productions in the year 2000 after getting my very first bit of webspace, a whopping 10Mb!! The website started off small with just a limited number of pages and very little content. As the years passed, my webspace grew in size and hence my website did too. KnightTrek Productions has been running now for over two decades.

This website is the central hub for everything KnightTrek and my creativity. It is the home of Dungeoneer, and my many other computer games and applications. Home of Shooting Stars and the adventures of Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, PrizBot, Saber & PuzBot. It is also the home of AstroBots, my most ambitious 3D CGI movie project I've ever undertaken and most likely ever will. And finally, it is home to me, Paul Boland, where you can learn a bit about myself, see some of my creative pursuits, and can drop me an email if you wish to make contact.

So take a look around, download some free software, play some great games, watch a movie, read some epic novels, and check learn about how great holidaying in Orlando Florida is!! But most importantly enjoy your visit.

Paul Boland.
KnightTrek Productions.
Email: paulboland@knighttrek.com