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Josef Bachmann.

Josef Bachmann tells the story of one of the most unique, most terrifying characters the author, Paul Boland, has ever created. When the man known as 'The Otter Glade Cultist' is sent to Foxlore Prison, Deputy Warden Jason Peters can only watch in horror as dark supernatural elements take over the prison, sending prisoners and staff into disarray! Josef Bachmann was a terrifying joy to write and it is one of the best horror stories I've created!! For more information, check out the Paul Boland - Books page for details...

The God Particle.

The God Particle, a new book by Paul Boland, tells the story of the firing of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland which leads to the creation of a black hole! The human race finds itself facing extinction unless some way can be found to destroy this spatial anomaly as it travels across western Europe destroying everything in its path! For more information, check out the Paul Boland - Books page for details...


KnightTrek Productions is entering the realm of 3D gaming. Check out KTP 3D on the Freeware page for a look at our initial ventures into the third dimension...!!

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