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The Wailing Child.

The Wailing Child.

Created with TrueSpace.
A few weeks ago, I went to bed and had one hell of a scary nightmare! My sister, Julie, went house hunting and I went with her and she found this large manor type home on a country road, a small cottage sitting across from it. The grounds of this house were surrounded by a wall with metal spike railings mounted on them. The house itself had a unique look to it, built of different coloured brown bricks. It's front rooms, where the windows were, projected outwards from the house. Large trees sat to the left of the house and a street lamp was fixed outside it, up against one of the walls pillars.

We went inside and the house had a very errie atmosphere to it. The rooms were bare, the walls were dirty, the floorboards creaked under foot. The stairs leading upwards seemed to be consumed by darkness at the top and while I knew there was a basement, I dared not take a look.

Julie and I split up and I went into a room on my own. Despite the fact that there was no light source in this room, the room was oddly illuminated by an errie brownish-yellow glow. Suddenly ghosts emerged from the floor and approached me. I turned and ran back into the hall to find Julie running towards me, scared stiff! We both ran from the house.

It was lashing rain outside and we ran from the grounds and across the road and into the cottage. None of the lights in the cottage worked and we fumbled our way through the dark until we came into a small room at the front of the building. There, we went over to the window and looked out at the manor across the road from us. The sight that we saw filled me with true terror!

The rain was still pelting down and the only light source outside was the street lamp. The windows of the manor were now lit by that odd brownish-yellow light but the light source seemed to be eminating from the floor of the rooms behind the curtained windows, sending a radial glow upwards. However, the most horrific sight of this image was not the manor. Standing directly under the street lamp was a small child, a girl. She was wearing a red coat which came down to just above her knees. She had shoulder length brown hair. She stood directly under the lamp and was looking directly at us! Her face was twisted with hate and anger and her two arms were out stretched, slowly waving up and down in front of her, she pointing directly at us! From her mouth she cried a horrific wailing sound!

The rain pelting down, the wind, the manor, that street lamp, and the child, I was chilled to my very soul by the image and grabbing Julie, we ran from the cottage, got in Julie's car and drove away from there as fast as we could.

We got to the airport and I was much more at ease as we boarded a plane for home (which is a joke because I hate to fly! LOL!!!). Anyway, the plane moved down the runway, the front lifted up and we left the ground. As the plane climbed into the sky, I looked down the aisle. There, standing at the front of the plane, was the child! She was dripping wet from the rain and her arms out stretched, pointing directly at me. Her face was twisted with anger as before and she started wailing...

I woke up! Damn, was that a bad nightmare, it had really freaked me out. But little did I know it wasn't the end of it! Yes, I was awake, this wasn't one of those you wake up but you're still dreaming situations, I was awake, but this nightmare wasn't over yet...

I told Julie about the nightmare and then putting it behind me, thought nothing more of it... But it had other plans... The Wailing Child, as I had come to call her, wouldn't leave my mind. In particular, that scene of her standing outside the manor looking and pointing towards us, wailing... That scene seemed to come to mind a lot. I just couldn't shake it! It wasn't plaguing my thoughts 24/7, but every now and then, it would pop in and it always gave me the creeps! A few weeks passed and this image just wouldn't go away so I decided to acknowledge it and to do that, I would build the image in TrueSpace 7.5, I would give this image actual form.

Building this image was just as freaky as the dream. As the various elements of the image were made and the scene took shape, I found myself transfixed by it. I would stop my work and just look at the scene as it was coming together. The surrounding wall and fencing was the first to cause this to happen. Then I added the trees and again it happened. When I added the manor the image really seemed to take on an atmosphere of its own and was very freaky to look at. However, it was when The Wailing Child was added to the image that it really got too creepy for me!

Other parts of this images construction also came across as freaky! The surrounding wall, in that scene in the dream, the bricks had a decaying colour to them. I was sure I would need to take a brick texture and edit it to achieve that look. However, when looking through my textures for the right type of brick, I found one that wasn't just the right looking brick, it also had a greenish decaying colour to it! Then, when building the manor, I needed differently coloured brown bricks. Again, I assumed I would need to edit a brick texture to get this, but no... I found a brick texture in my collection made of different coloured brown bricks!!! FREAKY!!!

The image above is about 95% accurate to what I saw in my nightmare. The angle is the same, the rain, the way the darkness consumes the trees, the radial lighting in the curtained windows, the street lamp, the surrounding wall and railings, and most importantly, The Wailing Child! I've never been compelled to give a dream or nightmare image actual visual form, but The Wailing Child has haunted me since I had that nightmare and I can honestly say, the image above really does give me the creeps!!!