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The Shooting Stars Gang.

The Shooting Stars Gang.

Created with Lightwave.
In late 2002, after I learned how to rig basic bones in Caligari's TrueSpace, it allowed me to give birth to my very first character models, the Shooting Stars gang.

Now, a decade later, as the guys celebrate their 10th birthday, they have already been through some epic adventures and a couple of redesigns and above you can now see the guys as they stand today in Lightwave 3D 10. This image was created in celebration of the guys 10th birthday, showing how they have advanced in development from their initial development in 2002.

PuzBot, Gruffy, Bo Nus, Cyber, PrizBot and Saber will be celebrating their birthday in 2012 with the release of their first full length movie, Shooting Stars 3 - The Book of Prophecy.