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Space Dispatcher 3.

Space Dispatcher 3.

Created with Lightwave.
A few years ago I created a game called Space Dispatcher in which the player took on a job at Space Dispatcher Command and had to direct spaceships around different areas of space to their destinations.

That was followed a year or so later with Space Dispatcher 2. Space Dispatcher 2 saw a better game interface, more missions, and had a story driven adventure filled with fun and drama.

Work has started on Space Dispatcher 3 and as you can see from this render, the ships have gone 3D. I started this project by taking a look at the ships in Space Dispatcher 2 (see insert bottom right of image). These ships were flat 2D top down images with no indication of how they looked in 3D. While most of them easily transitioned to 3D, I must admit the Dekagonian ship took some considerable thought to figure out how it looked.

The construction of the ships was a joy under Lightwave due to working with its SubPatch tools. This allows for the creation of organic flowing shapes easily and quickly. The Lavetta, Lizzian and Mantian ships were constructed this way and they turned out quite well. I'm also very proud of the Cyborg ship. This is a vessel I've had problems developing in Caligari's TrueSpace over the years because it's such a complex beast. Lightwave offered me Extender Plus and Jitter, two tools which allowed for the creation of a complex cube shape which once the texture and lighting was added, really turned out really well.

Space Dispatcher 3 also represents my first animation work with Lightwave 3D. I have to say, I am very impressed at the render speed in Lightwave. It renders the frames of my animations at about 1 second per frame. To render at the same quality in TrueSpace, I would be looking at about 5 seconds a frame!

I still have a long way to go in learning Lightwave 3D but I am making headway and Space Dispatcher 3 is helping me to further increase my knowledge.