Shooting Stars 3

Hi, Folks, and welcome to Shooting Stars 3.

Back in 2003 when the inspiration for Shooting Stars was born and the story was written for Shooting Stars 1, I knew there and then that the story of Shooting Stars would be a trillogy. Of course, at the time, the second and third installments were very basic, bits of story elements noted down, nothing more then that. But yes, Shooting Stars was to be a three part story from the start.

Shooting Stars 1 fulfilled its goal exactly. The story I wanted to tell was the story that was told.

Shooting Stars 2 also fulfilled its story goals. While it's game was not completed, the movies told the story I wanted told.

Shooting Stars 3 is to be the conclusion of that story which started back in 2003. But where Shooting Stars 1 and 2 were games, Shooting Stars 3 will not be. With the game element removed from the Shooting Stars universe half way through the development of Shooting Stars 2, the story was left in limbo. The script for Shooting Stars 3 was written. It had not been finalised, but it was complete and had all its game elements mapped out. When the game element was removed from Shooting Stars, what did that mean for Shooting Stars 3 and the trillogy story which was now ended on a cliffhanger at the end of Shooting Stars 2?

I could have just forgotten about the Shooting Stars universe and left it unresolved.
But I'm not going to do that...

Of all the fantasy elements, stories, games, etc., that I've created in my lifetime, the Shooting Stars gang and their universe is my all time favourite. It's a richly detailed universe with has a great story backing it and is inhabited by very unique, very individual, and really great (if I do say so myself) characters. Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, PrizBot, Saber and PuzBot are all unique characters in their own right and I really do love them. So when the game of Shooting Stars 2 was cancelled (because I felt, as a game, it was not right for the Shooting Stars universe any more, it had more potential), I looked at the Shooting Stars universe, the characters, and the story left hanging in mid air, and there was only one thing to do...

I wanted to finish that story. I wanted to take Shooting Stars in a new direction. I wanted the potential I saw in this universe to be realised. So there was only one thing to do...

Shooting Stars 3 - The Movie

It may have started out as a game, but if you look at Shooting Stars 1 and 2, it's very much story driven. Shooting Stars is a rich universe, with rich characters, backed by a rich story. Shooting Stars may have been designed to be a game, but it became a story, a story told by its movies. So to bring the trillogy to its conclusion and to take Shooting Stars further, there was only one way to go. Make Shooting Stars a movie.

Shooting Stars 3 picks up where Shooting Stars 2 ends and will tell the concluding part of the trillogy of the original Shooting Stars story. I have no doubt Shooting Stars will continue beyond Shooting Stars 3, I already have a number of other stories (movies) I would like to tell with the characters. But for their first movie debute, the Shooting Stars gang will tell the concluding part of the story that started off Shooting Stars.

Hence, this website, a dedicated Shooting Stars website, was the obvious course to go. Here you can follow the development of Shooting Stars 3 - The Movie, as well as further developments with the characters. The script for Shooting Stars 3 - The Movie has already been written and finalised and work has started on bringing the movie to life.

Stay tuned for developments, including the unveiling of the newly designed Shooting Stars characters as they make the move from their original home in Caligari's TrueSpace 5, over to their new home in Newtek's Lightwave 3D 2015.

Shooting Stars 3 - The Movie is the conclusion of the current Shooting Stars story...
...But it's only the beginning of a whole new adventure for Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, PrizBot, Saber and PuzBot.

Shooting Stars 3

Shooting Stars 3 Promo 01.

Shooting Stars 3 Prizonian ship.

Shooting Stars 3 Prizonian's hunting.