Shooting Stars 2

Shooting Stars 2 entered production almost immediately after Shooting Stars 1 was completed. Once the script was finalised, the next big change was a redesign of the Shooting Stars characters themselves. This redesign added facial animation to them. Not all the characters gave themselves over easily to this field and some like Saber and PuzBot only had an animated mouth added to their head, but overall the redesign really did bring the characters to life.

Another new addition to Shooting Stars was a new main character, Gruff, or Gruffy as Bo Nus renamed him!! The introduction of Gruffy to the gang was always on the cards, his introduction came to mind half way through work on Shooting Stars 1. I liked the space bears in Shooting Stars 1 and hence I knew I wanted a space bear main character to join the gang. I also knew I wanted him and Bo Nus to be great friends. I do believe Gruffy's introduction worked out great and he is now as much a part of the team as Cyber, Bo Nus and the rest of the gang.

While a few other new characters were introduced in Shooting Stars 2, none of them are main characters. The Shooting Stars adventures revolve around Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, PrizBot, Saber and PuzBot.

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