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Sentinel was the true leader and founder of the Prizonian Empire. His system was flooded with dark star dust which he used to infect and turn all the Prizonian people evil. He was rendered inoperable by PuzBot, an act which led the Prizonians to wipe out the Puzians.

During the invasion of the Techbotic Galaxy, Sentinel was restored to power where he led an attack on Star-topia, an attack which resulted in the destruction of the planet. However, his power hungry ways and his desire to destroy eventually led to his downfall and he was captured by PuzBot.

In a final attack, Sentinel was killed by PuzBot but in doing so, PuzBot was infected with Sentinel's dark star dust. Sentinel died having instilled a mission in evil PuzBot, that being to help the Prizonian Empire to destroy everything in its way and conquer the universe.