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PuzBot was king of the Puzian Empire which resided in the Denor Galaxy near Prizonian space. When the Prizonian Empire demanded the Puzian Empire to surrender to them, PuzBot led the Puzians to war against the Prizonians. However, the Prizonians won and the war ended with the destruction of the Puzian Empire and all its people, except for PuzBot who was left to roam the galaxy alone.

However, during the Prizonian invasion of the Techbotic Galaxy, PuzBot was delighted to discover that a small group of his people did indeed escape the destruction of the Puzian Empire and they had established a new homeworld, NuPuzoplicus, in the Techbotic Galaxy led by PuzBot's friend, Decasphere.

PuzBot's nightmares came to reality when, on killing Sentinel, he was infected with dark star dust. Sentinel's dying words to PuzBot were to not let the Prizonian Empire fall but to help it reshape the universe in its image... With the dark star dust in his system, PuzBot started to bring that goal to being by launching an attack on his own people and the shooting stars at NuPuzoplicus.

PuzBot's attack was ended by a turned-good PrizBot who led evil PuzBot into a transdimensional corridor which then collapsed.