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PrizBot was leader of the Prizonian Empire, which resides in the Denor Galaxy millions of lightyears away from the Techbotic Galaxy. When the true Prizonian leader, Sentinel, was drained of power by PuzBot, PrizBot took over the empire setting its goal to being the eradication of all shooting stars everywhere and all robots too so as to harvest the star dust from them which would make the Prizonian Empire strong, and hopefully restore Sentinel to life. PrizBot succeeded in restoring Sentinel to life during the invasion of the Techbotic Galaxy.

When all the dark star dust was removed from his system and replaced with normal star dust, PrizBot returned to his true self - no longer an evil leader but a good and caring robot. PrizBot was last seen taking a turned-evil PuzBot into a transdimensional corridor which then collapsed, an act which helped save billions of lives.