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Gradient banner.



Created with TrueSpace.
My first 3D image of 2008 is also my first venture out into the world of VRay rendering. Having recently bought VRay for TrueSpace 7.5, I wanted a project, something small, to test out the new rendering engine. The concept for RadioVision has been in my mind for a long time so I decided it was the ideal project to take my first steps in VRay with.

While I still have some testing to do to learn all the aspects of VRay, I have to say I'm very, very pleased with the above render for one simple reason... It looks photo-realistic! I've done photo-realistic work before, see my Lego scene and my clock above, both of which I'm also very pleased with, but this image really does look like a photograph to me.

Working with lighting with VRay is a whole new area to learn. Where before my scenes would work with four lights as standard, in VRay, four produced an over exposed render so this render is done using two. VRay handles light realistically, as it works in the real world, so I'll be doing a few more test renders before I use VRay for any major projects. But I really do like the results I got here and for those of you who read the major update to the Paul's Cubbyhole page last week, all I'll say is, TrueSpace 7.5 and VRay are now seriously being considered for the new art direction to take Shooting Stars 3.