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Gradient banner.

Paul Boland (Me) with my goatee.

Paul Goatee.

Created with TrueSpace.
If you look above, you'll see that I used the demo version of GenHead 3.1 to create a 3D model of my head. While I was very pleased with the end result, the only thing that bugged me slightly was the way it flattened the hair on my head and washed out my goatee.

Well, as you can see, my goatee has grown back quite well, thank you!

I have recently completed my upgrade path and have moved from TrueSpace 5.1 to TrueSpace 7.51. TrueSpace 7.51 saw a huge interface redesign for Caligari's flagship title and also a whole host of new features added. Of the many new features added, hair/fur was one of them.

Using the new tools, I attempted to add back my hair and goatee that GenHead flattened and washed out. Applying the new hair is a fairly easy task, though it can be a bit time consuming to 'brush' the hair into the desired direction and flow that you want. But the new hair tools are easy to use and quite powerful.

My goatee grew back quite well, as you can see from the render above. However, when I moved on to add the hair back onto the top of my head, I encountered a problem. So many strands of hair were needed that all my systems resouces were consumed (and I have 2Gb of RAM!!) so as you can see, the cap remains.

But take a look at the image above. My goatee consists of four parts; the centre upper lip, left of centre upper lip, right of centre upper lip, and the whole chin area. Also, my eye brows have also been repopulated with hair. Suffice to say, there's a hell of a lot of hair in that pic... Yet TrueSpace 7.51's interface remained smooth and fluid and didn't suffer slow down when working with these hairs in real time. Also, the rendering process, with all settings set to highest quality, took less then a minute to do at 800 x 600 resolution. Not bad, eh!

While I would have liked to have added all my hair back, I think this image really stands out now that my goatee is back in place. Also, considering that this is the very first piece of work I've done with TrueSpace 7.51, I'm damn impressed!!!