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Paul Boland (Me).


Created with TrueSpace.
Render, render, that I see,
I don't believe it, it's a model of Me!!

Issue 90 of 3D World magazine, had a seven day fully working demo of GenHead 3.1. By taking a front and side photo of my head, I could import them into GenHead, where I would lay out guidelines for my facial features and GenHead would create a 3D model of my head, textured, for use as I see fit.

I have to admit, I had my doubts about this software but after seeing the results a fellow TrueSpace user got with the software, I decided to give it a go.

GenHead does a good job in guiding you through the outlining process for marking up your photos but once the guides are in place, you must spend some time working on fine tuning the guides. While GenHead does offer a preview of your 3D head, after each alteration you'll most likely (like me) export the 3D head and load it into your 3D software (TrueSpace 6.6 for me), to get a proper preview and a good look at how it (you) are shaping up. In total, my finished head above went through 19 versions before arriving at the one I was happy with.

GenHead does a great job and you can produce your initial head within ten minutes (it's the fine tuning that is time consuming). While the software does a great job on creating the contours of your head, it doesn't like hair, flattening it, but I guess to capture hair which has no set shape, would require a means of actually scanning your head itself, and not just working from photos. To offset the flat hair on my head, I added a cap to my image which I have to admit, really adds to the image and I love it. But I'm still very pleased and impressed with the cap-less, end result.

My demo expires tonight and I will not be investing in the full version, just because I have no real use for this software. But for a weeks use, I'm very pleased with what I got from it and if you want a software tool that will create 3D heads for you, GenHead gets my approval.