Another side of my creativity is my love to write and do desktop publication. Here you will find a collection of books written by me, Paul Boland.

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Into The Blast.
Josef Bachmann.
Paul's Guide to Orlando Florida.
The Caretaker.
The God Particle.

Into The Blast.

Into The Blast.

This book, writen by my Da and edited by myself, is a powerful true life story of what happened to my aunt and her two sons on the 17th May 1974 when they were caught in a car bomb blast that rocked the captial of Ireland, Dublin City Center. I'll let the descriptive text of Into The Blast speak for itself...

Into The Blast tells the true life story of what happened to Bridget Fitzpatrick and her two sons, Tommy and Derek. Out for a days shopping in Dublin, May 17th 1974, they walked into a car bomb on Parnell Street, Dublin. This is their horrific life changing story of what happened to them prior, during and after, their journey Into The Blast.

Into The Blast.
Print book ISBN: 9781291985719

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Josef Bachmann.

Josef Bachmann.

What started out as a basic story idea with a lot of potential but very little substance to drive it, ended up turning into one of the best horror stories I've ever written! Josef Bachmann started life as a very basic idea for a story that was initially going to go in an entirely different direction to how the finished story went. It took a long time to map out the story concept before I was happy to sit down and write it. But once I did...

Josef Bachmann was an absolute joy to write! The main protagonist, Josef Bachmann himself, turned out to be a very unique character. From his mannerisms, to his quotations, to his sinister demonic side, the character of Josef Bachmann was so compelling to write that even for me, the author, each and every chapter had me gripped with fear and intrigue about just who this guy was and where this detailed and complex story would go next...?

Josef Bachmann is a truly wonderful, detailed, compelling, and terrifying horror story that even had me, the author, on the edge of my seat as I wrote it...!!

Here is the novels descriptive text from the back of the Josef Bachmann book:

Who is Josef Bachmann?

This is the question the staff and prisoners at Foxlore Prison are asking themselves when he is sentenced to life there. But the man they know as 'The Otter Glade Cultist' turns out to be much more than just another criminal.

When Deputy Warden Jason Peters finds Josef Bachmann taking a liking to him, his whole life is turned upside-down as he watches the structured order of Foxlore Prison completely break down. Supernatural elements take over the prison, sending both prisoners and staff into complete disarray! But when Jason uses Josef Bachmann's powers to try and make the world a better place, it results in sheer horror descending on the human race...!

Josef Bachmann.
Print book ISBN: 9781326804329
Ebook ISBN: 9781326979454

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Paul's Guide to Orlando Florida.

Paul's Guide To Orlando Florida.

For me, Orlando Florida is the No. 1 holiday destination on the planet!! There is so much on offer, so many things to do and see, there's just nothing like it anywhere else in the world. I've been there many times and I still haven't covered it all, there's so much to see and do.

Being a huge Orlando Florida fan, I'm often asked by folks what is it like? Any advice for first timers going over there? And stuff like that... So I've decided to take all my advice and tips about holidaying in Orlando Florida and put it all together into a guidebook for everyone to read. Hence, this guide was written.

Paul's Guide to Orlando Florida is my guide to holidaying in this amazing place. I give you my insight into getting there, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, shopping, transport, and much more. This guide should be of benefit to first time holiday makers to Orlando Florida and perhaps even to seasoned travellers there. I will keep this guide up to date as my adventures there continue. So download it, have a read, and I hope it helps you to enjoy your holiday just that little bit more (because a holiday in Orlando Florida is guaranteed to be bursting with enjoyment!!).

Last updated: 19th June 2016.

Download Pauls Guide to Orlando Florida.pdf (2.03Mb)

The Caretaker.

The Caretaker Book.

What started out as a computer game idea, turned into a horror franchise all of its own. During the development of The Caretaker game, I created a rich backstory to enhance the games environment, settings and characters. After nine years of work on the game with it still not complete, The Caretaker franchise as a tale of horror became more prominent then the game itself.

The Caretaker book contains three story elements which were developed during the development cycle of The Caretaker game:

  • History of the Cards.
  • KTP Times Robbie Stone Articles.
  • Brian Pentoc's Diary.

History of the Cards:
The Caretaker game takes place in the Shadowcast Hotel where players collect cards of spectres and spectral elements within the hotel with which to do battle, their final goal to confront and defeat the Caretaker himself. History of the Cards details all the cards in the game, giving details of the Spectres, Spectral Events, Phantoms and the Caretaker himself.

KTP Times Robbie Stone Articles:
In late 2006, at a time when I thought The Caretaker game was nearing release, I documented a real-time investigation into the hauntings of the Shadowcast Hotel. These articles, published in a fictional newspaper, the KTP Times, documented the adventures of an explorer, Robbie Stone, as he went to the isolated town of Peblington which sits at the foot of the Stonerock Mountain range where the Shadowcast Hotel is located. Published in real-time as the events happend, Robbie's investigation into the hauntings made for a very compelling read. One year later a follow up article was created which also enhanced the details of Robbie Stone's adventure.

Brian Pentoc's Diary:
This was the very first story element created for The Caretaker but was not released until 2011 with the release of this book. This tells the story of a farm worker named Brian Pentoc who experienced the horrors of the Shadowcast Hotel and the Caretaker before he disappeared in 1900. This story gave birth to The Caretaker backstory and was so powerful that it fueled all future developments in the franchise.

The Caretaker book here contains all three of these stories brought together in a single publication. Whether The Caretaker game will ever be released is a question only time can tell... But the story, the horror, has developed into a wonderful tale of terror with a rich collection of locations and characters, and a chilling dark entity only known as the Caretaker...!!!

The Caretaker facts:

A 106 page, full colour, paperback book.
History of the Cards.
KTP Times Robbie Stone Articles.
Brian Pentoc's Diary.

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The God Particle.

The God Particle.

It's amazing where inspiration for a novel can come from, and in the case of The God Particle that came from the threat of the end of the human race and the total destruction of the Planet Earth!!

When the Large Hardron Collider was being built underground in Switzerland, I saw a television program about it and in that show they spoke of potential dangers from one of mankinds largest scientific experiments. It was said that firing the L.H.C. at full power could create a microscopic black hole but don't worry, it was very unlikely to happen and if it did, being a microscopic black hole, it would have no power and would be destroyed once it came in contact with physical matter.

The very second I heard that, a question popped into my head...
What if that didn't happen...? What if firing the L.H.C. at full power did create a microscopic black hole and what if it did have power and started to rip the Earth apart...???
And so a novel was born.

Here is the novels descriptive text from the back of The God Particle book:

Eric Knight, lead scientist at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and his team, have been firing the Large Hadron Collider in search of the elusive Higgs Boson particle, The God Particle. When one of the Micro Bangs shows hopeful results that they are close to discovering the particle, Eric gets approval to fire the L.H.C. at full power. However an astrophysicist by the name of Kai Menning voices great concern about doing just that and is worried that doing so could create a microscopic black hole.

The firing of the L.H.C. at full power goes ahead and the Higgs Boson is discovered. However it is then discovered that the firing of the L.H.C. at full power has resulted in the creation of a microscopic black hole! Things go awry when the black hole breaks free of the L.H.C. complex and starts a journey across western Europe, pulling in and devouring every field, every mountain, every major city in its path!

With the faith of the entire planet in jeopardy, Eric and his team must try and devise a way to destroy the black hole - a spatial anomaly that has the power to eat stars and from which not even light itself can escape!

The God Particle.
Print book ISBN: 9781291968743
Ebook ISBN: 9781326160609

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