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Created with Lightwave.
According to the Bible, God created man in his own image...
What I'm wondering is, did he start out with a cube!! Because that's exactly how I started Man here.

For over a decade and a half I tried to do organic modelling in Caligari's TrueSpace. While I did produce some human characters in my time, they were blocky, made of individual pieces, and hair... Hair was usually polygons textured to look like hair, but basically flat, glued to the characters head. Don't get me wrong, I loved those creations, another step forward in my 3D development, but I always wanted to be able to do proper character models and it was a skill I just never could wrap my head around in TrueSpace.

A year ago I made the move over to Lightwave 3D 8 and have been working away in it, learning the new tools, the new ways of doing things, and further developing my 3D skills. Tonight I've taken yet another step forward. Let me introduce, "Man"...

Man started life as a cube and with the use of SubPatches, was shaped and molded into this fine chap above. His head is all one object, there are no bits and pieces here and there. The only parts that are seperate objects are the two eyes which are two spheres. The hair was created using Sasquatch.

Development time was 3 hours. I'm sure a seasoned Lightwave user could churn out Man, and a much better version of him at that, in much less time, but for me, this is another huge step forward in my 3D development. And, once again, Lightwave 3D's render engine left me floored at its speed, rendering Man here in 1.9 seconds.