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Love is Beautiful.

Love is Beautiful.

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There are a lot of emotions in the world. Happiness and sadness, support and rejection, delight and jealously, love and hate... Heck, we've even brought these with us into the cyber world in the form of emoticons! But of them all, I do truly believe that Love is the most powerful of them all.

Love has the power to invoke the most amazing changes in a person. Love can make us care, Love can lift us up when we are down, Love can be an amazing thing when one person expresses their love for another. And for all its joyful attributes, Love can also be the most painful of emotions when it is lost... Love can bring us to the defence of others, Love is seeking to care for others, and when two people who love each other with all their hearts, finally share their love for each other, with each other, Love can build the most powerful bond ever...

I do honestly believe that those who are loved, are never alone and never poor.

Being a man who over the past year has dealt with the very best, and very worst, aspects of Love, I've created this simple but powerful image. I hope its message is as powerful to you as it is to me.

Love is Beautiful...