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It is said moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do...
...but sometimes it's more stressful than expected...!!

Do you believe in ghosts?
Darren Casey doesn’t. There’s an explanation for everything, and just because we can’t explain something doesn’t mean it is of a supernatural nature.

Take on the role of Darren who is moving into his new home. Each day you’ll have a number of tasks to complete which will help Darren make the house his. As you settle into your new house, don’t forget you’re also part of a new community now and your neighbours will be interested in meeting you too.

But as you settle into your new home strange things start to happen... Since Darren doesn't believe in ghosts, what exactly is the cause these unusual events...?

So is Darren Casey correct...? Is there no such thing as the supernatural and every unexpected event has a logical explanation even if it’s not obvious initially?

Or is he wrong and there are indeed other worldly entities that are targeting the living in an attempt to claim their souls...?

Welcome home... Home Sweet Home...!!

A first-person-perspective interactive cinematic horror story experience
by KnightTrek Productions

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Home Sweet Home F.A.Q.

What is Home Sweet Home?
Home Sweet Home is a first-person-perspective interactive cinematic horror story experience developmented by KnightTrek Productions. Take on the role of Darren Casey as you move into your new home. But as you settle in, an increasing number of strange events raises the question of what exactly is going on in the house...?

"Home Sweet Home is a first-person-perspective interactive cinematic horror story experience..." How does the Home Sweet Home gamplay work?
The Home Sweet Home story is a point & click game viewed through the eyes of Darren Casey who you play. It unfolds in real time and you must guide Darren in his decisions and actions. If you make a wrong choice, or are slow to react at critial moments, Darren may meet a horrifying end...!! Your choices, actions and inactions will determine how the story plays out and what Darren's fate will be...

What are the Home Sweet Home system requirements?
Home Sweet Home requires a PC meeting the following minumum system requires:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10.
Minimum screen resolution: 1920 x 1080.
2Gb RAM.
Hard disk space: To be confirmed.
Mouse and keyboard.
Sound card.
*A one time internet connection, and a free Steam account, are required to activate and install the game.

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