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3D Movie Production Tutorial

3D Movie Production Tutorial.

You've got some 3D CGI software on your computer... You've got an idea for a movie you want to make... But you're not sure how to go about getting that vision in your head onto the screen! The 3D Movie Production Tutorial is a full multimedia presentation that shows you, step by step, from start to finish, how to bring your 3D movie idea to life. This a fully documented tutorial with graphics showing you how to produce your movie and videos showing you it all coming together. Hosted by the Shooting Stars gang - Cyber, Bo Nus, PuzBot, PrizBot and Saber take you on a magical adventure through the whole process. The movies are stored as WMV format so you can watch them outside of the tutorial, and the tutorial also comes with a collection of high resolution renders from the movies.

Download 3D Movie Production Tutorial.exe (107Mb)


Blastoid is a game of skill and dexterity. Position the automated gun turret so it can destroy all the tiles on the level. The turret can only shoot at angle segments of 11.25 degrees so from one static position it can not target all positions on a level.

When the spaceship comes into play, collect amo pods and transport them to the turret to allow it to keep shooting, but take care... When the ship is not carrying an amo pod it can bounce off the tiles on the level, but when it is carrying an amo pod, you can't collide with the tiles as this will cause the amo pod to explode, taking the ship with it!

Using the ships tractor beam, you can move the gun turret around the level but in this zero gravity environment, skilled pilots need only apply...!

Download Blastoid.exe (14.1Mb)



Blox is the ultimate bat & ball game! Using unique brick shapes, mystery powerup's to collect, and a sleeping Mystro who will drive you insane, this game is a lot of fun to play!!

Download Blox.exe (32.6Mb)

Blox 3D Demo

Blox 3d.

Taking the traditional Bat & Ball game into a whole new dimension, Blox 3D brings this genre's gamplay into a whole new realm, offering up an unique gameplay experience unlike anything you've seen before. Following the rules of play - to destroy all the bricks in the play area, Blox 3D enhances that experience by bringing in a third dimension, adding height to stacked Blox, and bringing in realtime physics such as gravity which makes Blox 3D a Bat & Ball game unlike anything you've seen before...!!

Blox 3D Demo contains:

One level of 3-dimensional gameplay madness! An unique 3-dimensional gameplay area where physical gravity plays a part too.

Download Blox 3D.exe (48.5Mb)


Using the tools available to you, guide a bunch of bouncing balls to their home without you having direct control over the balls themselves. Place trampolines, rip into the ground, and construct platforms, doing all in your power to get the balls home. Bounce is a classic puzzle game that will really get your mind thinking...


Bounce contains:

25 levels of puzzle bouncing mayhem. Unique tools to help you get the balls home.
Classic puzzle game to get the mind thinking. A number of background tunes that fit the Bounce environment well.

Download Bounce.exe (212Mb)

Brix Mania

Brix Mania.

Classic bat & ball game with an animated lights board highlighting events in the game.

Download Brix Mania.exe (1.14Mb)

Clickteam Conventions

Over the years I have attended a number of Clickteam Conventions and after each one, when I got home, I wrote up a report of my trip away. Here are all my Clickteam Convention reports from the years 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2011.

Download Clickteam (42.9Mb)

DigiGraph 3

DigiGraph 3.

DigiGraph 3 is the third version release in the popular franchise and is the most powerful!! Presenting you with digital graph paper, DigiGraph 3 allows you to draw with skill and accuracy, creating detailed graph paper drawings. With a host of powerful tools at your finger tips, you can draw on DigiGraph 3's digital graph paper creating wonderfully detailed artwork that looks professional and will catch the eye.

When developing DigiGraph 3, we listened to DigiGraph 2 users, their thoughts, feedback and requests, and DigiGraph 3 has been developed implementing as many of the user requests as we could manage, plus some new ones of our own design. The result, DigiGraph 3 has shaped up to be a truly wonderful, powerful and professional drawing tool that surpassed even our initial goals for the software and that we believe anyone would love to have in their art software collection.

DigiGraph 3 also ships with GraFX, DigiGraph 3's powerful presentation software. GraFX allows you to create a presentation of DigiGraph 3 drawings. Each drawing can be assigned a display time and a music to play during its time on screen from a collection of eighteen tunes of various genres. You presentation can be set to run once or to loop constantly allowing you to showcase your drawings. You can also export your GraFX presentation to send to other DigiGraph 3 users or to move to another computer.

DigiGraph 3 also comes with the DigiGraph 3 Screensaver. Using GraFX you can create a presentation of your artwork and then save that presentation for use with the DigiGraph 3 Screensaver so when your computer is idle, your DigiGraph 3 artwork will be displayed on screen.

DigiGraph Franchise Comparison Chart

Feature DigiGraph 1 DigiGraph 2 DigiGraph 3
Always on screen user interface. - Correct. Correct.
Drawings saved in programs native file format. - Correct. Correct.
Static lines and shapes (no real drawing tools). Correct. - -
Real drawing tools like in any art program. - Correct. Correct.
Drawing tools - change line thickness and colour. - Correct. Correct.
Free draw tool. Correct. Limited Correct. Correct.
Path draw tool for drawing organic curved shapes. - - Correct.
Line draw tool. - Correct. Correct.
Draw continuous line tool - Correct. Correct.
Draw radial lines tool. - Correct. Correct.
Draw box tool. - Correct. Correct.
Draw circle tool. - Correct. Correct.
Draw boxes and circles from point-to-point. - Correct. Correct.
Draw boxes and circles from a central point. - - Correct.
Text tool. Correct. Correct. Correct.
Text tool - change font, change size, change colour. - - Correct.
Eraser tool. Correct. Limited Correct. Correct.
Eraser tool - change size. - - Correct.
Snap to grid. - Correct. Correct.
Automated redraw, watch DigiGraph drawings come to life as they are automatically drawn on the screen. - Correct. Correct.
Redraw tool to activate a DigiGraph redraw at the click of a button. - - Correct.
Unlimited Undo's. - Correct. Correct.
Ability to undo multiple draw commands with one click. - - Correct.
Unlimited Redo's. - Correct. Correct.
Save image as bitmap. Correct. Correct. Correct.
Print image. Correct. Correct. Correct.
Printer setup controls. - Correct. Correct.
Dynamic graph paper - change size, change number of grids, change colour. - - Correct.
Drawing History - see all the commands used to create a drawing. - - Correct.
Ability to edit previously performed draw commands. - - Correct.
Ability to delete a draw command which was performed at any point during the creation of a drawing. - - Correct.
Ability to restore a deleted draw command performed at any point in the creation of a drawing. - - Correct.
Ability to create presentations of DigiGraph drawings. - - Correct.
DigiGraph Screensaver, showcasing DigiGraph drawings when a computer is idle. - - Correct.
DigiGraph's ability to replace your physical store-bought graph paper pad. Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct. Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct. Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct.Correct.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 800

Download DigiGraph 3.exe (78.3Mb)

Disc Mapper

Disc Mapper.

Disc Mapper is an old program I created years ago to allow me to search for and save the results of a disc search. I created this program for documenting the contents of computer magazine cover discs. While limited by todays standards, the program still is a useful tool for saving searches performed on a disc.

Download Disc Mapper.exe (759Kb)



Dozzer is a four level concept for a game I was planning to make about a decade ago. The concept didn't proceed beyond the initial four level test and hence the game never came to be. However, while recently cleaning out some old files, I stumbled across Dozzer and upon playing it, I decided to release the four level game as is. This is not a long game to play, but there is a bit of fun to be had here.

Driving your bulldozzer, push all the boulders off the platforms in each level and into the waters below. just make sure you don't fall in yourself!

Download (49.9Mb)

Dungeoneer (incomplete)

Dungeoneer (incomplete).

Dungeoneer, KnightTrek Productions big gaming project, underwent a considerable few months of development before the first incarnation of the game was scrapped in favour of making a newer, darker, version of the game. With the new version of Dungeoneer under development, the original version has been released here to show you what that game looked like, and to serve as a hint of what the new Dungeoneer game will offer.

Venture into a dark mysterious dungeon, exploring it, solving puzzles in it, and doing battle in it, as you use your battle skills, magic, and your wits, to try and survive!!

If you like what you see here in Dungeoneer (incomplete), check out the official Dungeoneer webpage for details of the full official game.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
Minimum screen resolution: 1440 x 900

Download Dungeoneer (incomplete).exe (878Mb)

Early Games

Early Games.

Early Games is a collection of five games I made back in the 1990's. These five games are some of the very first computer games I ever created. This package contains Crazy Gold, Explorer 1, Explorer 2, Horse Races and Net Devil. The games are very rough around the edges but are quite fun to look back at some of my earliest work.

Download Early Games.exe (1.95Mb)



Flow is a puzzle game where you lay paths for water droplets to follow. You goal is to guide the water droplets on each level to their home.

Download Flow.exe (18.6Mb)

FunMail Mania

FunMail Mania.

FunMail Mania is a program that allows you to create and share animated messages with other FunMail Mania users. The program records every action you perform on screen, from typing to arrow key presses to the insertion of images. It then plays back your message. You can export your message into a single compressed file and email it to other FunMail users to share animated messages with family and friends. If you can send email, you can send FunMail :).

Download FunMail Mania.exe (3.39Mb)

Imagizer 3

Imagizer 3.

This old program is a bit redundent today with the new image viewers in the latest Windows OS. Imagizer is a program that allows you to scroll through and view all the image files in a single folder, full screen, with no interface in the way. In its day I loved this program but with the new Windows OS out today having similar image display methods built in, Imagizer doesn't get used any more. Still, it's a fun program to see in action and has nice features built into it such as saving paths to folders you view often.

Download Imagizer 3.exe (1.06Mb)

!!! Incoming !!!


Take on role of protector and destroy meteors as they fall from the sky towards the cities below. But while your job is tricky enough, something doesn't seem quite right with this whole situation...!!

Download Incoming.exe (33.4Mb)



Welcome watchers of illusion to the castle of confusion...

Knightmare was one of my all time favourite television shows, I even got involved with it, but that's another story... Back in 1995 (yes, 1995!!), I created some Knightmare games using a presentation package called Harvard Graphics 3.0 for DOS. Now, a decade and a half later, here are those games released in Microsoft PowerPoint format!

Join forces with Treguard and the Powers That Be as they go to battle against Lord Fear and the Opposition. You will need PowerPoint to play these games, but if you don't have it, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft website which will let you play the games just fine.

The game installer is a compressed RAR file which will automatically extract the files for you. Be sure to read the README file before you play the games.

Download Knightmare Games.exe (4.26Mb)

KnightTrek Zine

In the early day of getting my very first webspace and setting up my very first website, I created a magazine doing software previews, reviews, and general chat. It only lasted four issues but looking back on it is quite interesting...

Download KnightTrek (6.42Mb)



KTP 3D is my first test program for taking KnightTrek Productions into the realm of 3D game development. This simple program contains the KnightTrek Productions logo spinning, with a red and green light spinning around it in the opposite direction. You can control the speed of the spinning objects. This is just a very basic initial test program but it taught me a lot. Testing and exploration of 3D options continues...

This is a self-extracting zip file. Just delete the program folder once you're finished with it, there is no entry in the Windows Add/Remove Programs list.

Download KTP 3D.exe (11.2Mb)

Pauls Music

Back in the 1990's I tried my first, and only, attempt at making my own music. Music creation is not my area but I have to say the end results were not too bad. Here are those few early tunes, available for free download and free use in any project of yours, if you can find a place for them.

Download Pauls (10Mb)

Pepoid World

Pepoid World.

Help Pepoid turn all the tiles on each level, blue. As you progress through the game more puzzle tiles will appear and it is your task to figure out what they do and how to turn them blue.

Download Pepoid World.exe (4.03Mb)

Probics Conquest

Probics Conquest.

Probics Conquest was the very first computer game I created in which I tried to tell a story. Take on a role of a lone Probic as he enters the abandoned WarBot factor to try and find out what is going on in there...??? This game is a mix of platform action and puzzle games.

Download Probics Conquest.exe (3.08Mb)

Rename My Files Lite

Rename My Files.

Snapping photos with your camera, phone and tablet...
Downloading files from the internet...
We've all got folders on our PC full of files with filenames that don't really tell you what they are. You want to rename them, but with hundreds of oddly named files that need to be renamed, the task is quite daunting and so the task goes undone...

Well not any more... KnightTrek Productions Rename My Files Lite can rename all those files for you at the click of a mouse button!

Rename My Files Lite (RMF) offers you eight renaming actions which you setup to allow you to create a custom naming structure for your files.

Arrange this eight actions onto RMF Action Stack, specifying exactly how you want your files renamed. Once all the new filenames are to your liking, click the Rename My Files button and allow RMF quickly and easily apply the new filenames to your files. If by chance you rename a batch of files and then decide you shouldn't have done that, RMF comes with an undo function that will restore your files back to their original filename anytime you wish.

Rename My Files Lite contains:

Quick and easy way to rename up to ten files at the click of a mouse button.* Eight unique actions which you customise and place on the Action Stack to create your new file naming system.
Load and save functions to save the Action Stack for use on other files in the future. An Undo Renaming function to restore renamed files to their original filename.

*Rename My Files Lite is a fully functional free version of Rename My Files limited to a maximum of renaming ten files. To purchase the full version of Rename My Files and remove this limitation, see the PC Software page for details.

Download Rename My Files.exe (7.95Mb)

RPG Tutorial

RPG Tutorial.

This download contains my Role Playing Game Tutorial which was created for Clickteam's The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion. This download contains the two full tutorials - the origianl RPG Tutorial and the updated NightFall RPG Tutorial.

Download RPG (19.9Mb)

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars.

Join Cyber, Bo Nus, PuzBot, PrizBot and Saber on a truly epic adventure... Shooting Stars is a story driven adventure game where Cyber and Bo Nus must try and stop Saber from harvesting stardust from the shooting stars in the galaxy. Along the way they will encounter new enemies in the form of PrizBot and new friends in the form of PuzBot. Shooting Stars was the first official computer game outing the for the Shooting Stars gang and it tells a wonderful story of action, adventure and friendship.

Download Shooting Stars.exe (196Mb)

Shooting Stars 2 - The Prizonian Invasion

Shooting Stars 2.

Join Cyber, Bo Nus, Gruffy, PuzBot, PrizBot and Saber on their second truly epic adventure... Shooting Stars 2 picks up where Shooting Stars 1 ended. A story driven adventure game, Cyber and Bo Nus find the Techbotic Galaxy is in trouble when the Prizonian Empire launches an invasion into the galaxy, it's goal - to clense the galaxy of shooting stars and harvest all the star dust there. Along the way, Cyber and Bo Nus will make new friends in the form of Gruff(y) and Saber. They will also meet up with their old friend, PuzBot, and their old enemy, PrizBot, and a new enemy in the form of Sentinel - the leader of the entire Prizonian Empire! Shooting Stars 2 follows the same path of their first game, telling a wonderful story of action, adventure and friendship.

Download Shooting Stars 2.exe (400Mb)

Sound Bopper 4

Sound Bopper 4.

When I start work on a project, be it a game, application or animation, I create a folder for the project, which contains a number of subfolders for different parts of the project. One of these subfolders is Sound. I like to keep all my music, sound effects and speech files in one location.

Listening to, copying over and renaming files, over and over again, can be quite tedious. Hence, I created a program to do the job for me. Welcome to Sound Bopper 4.

Sound Bopper 4 allows you to select a source folder and a destination folder and display and listen to all sound files in these locations. You can then copy over files from the source to the destination folder at the click of a button. Sound Bopper 4 will copy over files with their original file name, or create sequentially numbered files, or allow you to rename the file yourself. Sound Bopper 4 implements a refined user interface, offering more power then previous versions of Sound Bopper, making the task more enjoyable.

For developers who spend hours shifting through sound files, Sound Bopper 4 is an invaluable tool.

Download Sound Bopper 4.exe (1.86Mb)

Space Dispatcher

Space Dispatcher.

Take on the role of Space Dispatcher and guide the ships entering your sector of space safely to their destination. Take care though as there are many obstacles to look out for.

Download Space Dispatcher.exe (886Kb)

Space Dispatcher 2

Space Dispatcher 2.

Space Dispatcher 2 is an addictive and mind bending puzzle game. As Space Dispatcher, it is your job to safely direct all the vessels in your space to their required destinations. Space Dispatcher 2 is a story driven adventure. You join Space Dispatcher Command and work starts off easy enough. But along the way you will have to deal with complex transport systems, tourist resorts, the biggest sales to end all sales, and a dark force which is threatening to destroy you all.

Download Space Dispatcher 2.exe (4.57Mb)

Space Dispatcher 3

Space Dispatcher 3.

Picking up where Space Dispatcher 2 ended, Space Dispatcher 3 once again puts you in the role of space dispatcher, your job to safely direct all the vessels in your space to their required destinations. Along the way you will have to deal with complex transport systems, tourist resorts, the biggest most craziest sales to end all sales, and a lot more. But this time tension mounts between the Terran, Cogon, Dekagonian, Lizzian, Lavetta and Mantian races and when a new Cyborg threat surfaces, the big question is can the six races put their issues aside and join forces to prevent the Cyborg from conquering them all...!?!

Space Dispatcher 3 builds on the gameplay of the previous games and takes on a whole new isometic look to the game and also implement FMV video footage to forward its story.

Download Space Dispatcher 3.exe (108Mb)

Spies 1

Spies 1.

Based on a live action role playing game I created and ran years ago, Spies is an interactive movie which puts you in the role of captain of a Techmarine vessel as you explore space. This is a very old game and rough about the edges but it tells a good story.

Download (767Kb)

Spies 2

Spies 2.

With the good reception to Spies 1, Spies 2 is another game told in the live action role playing game of my Spies universe. Once again you are in the role of captain of a Techmarine vessel. This time you are sent on a mission to find a missing Techmarine vessel. What happened to it...? This is another very old game and rough around the edges but it is a more involved story over Spies 1.

Download (2.02Mb)



Help Stan the weatherman to forecast the weather successfully. WeatherWarZ is a classic tile swapping game based on weather. Pick a season to play and then slide weather tiles around forming matches of three tiles or more. Be careful though because you must fulfil the level criteria and fulfil Stan's weather forecast at the same time!

WeatherWarZ contains:

Four unique weather tiles, all animated. Unique twist on the classic tile swapping gameplay mode where you must end each level by fulfilling Stan's weather forecast.
Different goals to achieve on each level. A number of background tunes to make each level different.

To install the full version of WeatherWarZ, copy the keycode below and paste it into the installer when installing the full version of WeatherWarZ.


Download WeatherWarZ.exe (505Mb)



A short, fun, Christmas Card program I created back in the 1990's. Launch it and sit back and watch it play out.

Download XmasCard.exe (860Kb)