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Direshade Fortress was abandoned a millennia ago after an unknown dark force erupted from the earth beneath it forming a dungeon filled with unknown terrors. Visited by the foolishly brave never to be heard of again, the fortress has been marked a no-go area by all who know it. But now the darkness that lurks there is spreading outwards from Direshade as some dark force grows within its dungeon! With his kingdom threatened, the King has chosen you, his bravest knight, to venture to Direshade Fortress.

Your orders...
   ...Enter Direshade Dungeon...
      ...Overcome its dangerous layout, traps and monsters...
         ...Find your way to its core and destroy the darkness growing there...!!

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A first-person-perspective interactive cinematic story experience
by KnightTrek Productions

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Dungeoneer F.A.Q.

What is Dungeoneer?
Dungeoneer is a first-person-perspective interactive cinematic story experience developmented by KnightTrek Productions. Take on the role of a knight and venture into the depths of this mysterious dungeon which has burst forth from the earth beneath Direshade Fortress. Your mission is to venture into the depths of the dungeon, reach its core, and destroy whatever dark force is growing there!!

"Dungeoneer is a first-person-perspective interactive cinematic story experience..." How does the Dungeoneer gamplay work?
The Dungeoneer story is viewed through the eyes of the knight you play. It unfolds in real time and you must guide the knight in his decisions and actions. If you make a wrong choice, or are slow to react at critial moments, the knight and his mission are doomed to failure...! Your choices, actions and inactions will determine how the story plays out and whether or not the knight lives to complete his mission...

Is Dungeoneer a free-roaming 3D game like Doom and other such first-person games where you move around the environment with the keyboard and mouse?
No. Dungeoneer is a pre-rendered 3D first-person game. The dungeon environments are detailed rendered scenes and movie clips. Unlike games such as Doom, you do not have free-roaming movement control. Instead Dungeoneer is a point & click game where you move from location to location within the dungeon environment, interacting with each environment you find yourself in.

How big is Dungeoneer?
The Dungeoneer game map spans the grounds of Direshade Fortress and four deep levels of the Dungeon itself. There are plenty of places to explore, traps to avoid, and entities to defeat!

What are the Dungeoneer system requirements?
Dungeoneer requires a PC meeting the following minumum system requires:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10.
Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 720.
2Gb RAM.
Hard disk space: 5.20Gb.
Mouse and keyboard.
Sound card.
*A one time internet connection, and a free Steam account, are required to activate and install the game.

What is Dungeoneer (incomplete) on the KnightTrek Productions website?
Dungeoneer (incomplete) is the fully released version of what was going to be the original Dungeoneer game. After considerable development time, feedback was taken from the Dungeoneer BETA Testers, as well as family and friends, and after taking all that feedback on board it was decided to scrap the current version of the game and to begin work on a totally new, revamped, more atmospheric version of Dungeoneer. That new version is Dungeoneer. Dungeoneer (incomplete) is the old version of the game, released. So if you want to get an idea of how the Dungeoneer gameplay works and get a sample of what the new Dungeoneer game will be like, download the free Dungeoneer (incomplete) from the Freeware page of the KnightTrek Productions website.

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