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BFree 3.


Created with TrueSpace.

Tuesday 7th February 2006

After spending over two years trying to successfully create a fully rigged full character model, ready for use in animation...
After trying to follow numerous tutorials...
...a number of different character models...
...and hours of screaming with frustration...
I have finally succeeded in creating a fully rigged full character model ready for use in animation!!!

I never gave up on BFree. I wrote the script for his movie over a year ago and after a number of failed attempts to bring the character to life, I have now succeeded. The key to success was hinges in TrueSpace. Bones are great for organic models, but hinges are what you use for robotic models because you don't want the body parts to flex like an organic model should. I have, of course, tried using hinges before and met with failure, but I kept at it and with the help of Puppeteer, a tool used for joint manipulation (TrueSpace plugin), the third incarnation of BFree is the one to be successful.

BFree (3) bends as I want him to bend, moves as I want him to move, all his joints have their limits set for controlling him, he is my very first full character model who can be moved as he is designed to move.

I almost gave up on this guy too. While in the process of rigging him for movement, his legs took a turn for the worse, literally! The joint between the hip and upper leg was not working right and the leg, when bending, was doing so at a bad angle. After spending an hour trying to fix the problem, I almost gave up, but I then saw the offending hinge, it was misaligned, and after a bit of tweeking, success! I completed the rigging and when finished and I did a test to check all the joints, I couldn't believe my eyes when BFree moved exactly as I wanted him to do. Every joint worked, bending the way I wanted them to bend, after over two years of testing, testing and more testing (followed by a lot of screaming and hair pulling), I am delighted to say that I have succeeded in creating a fully rigged, fully functional, full character model.