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BFree 2.


Created with TrueSpace.
I have continued to develop my Sub Division Surfaces (SDS) modeling skills, which allow me to create more organic looking models. With these new skills, I decided to take another stab at bringing BFree to life because the movie I wrote for his character is one I would really love to create.

This new model of BFree shows many new breakthroughs in my 3D skills. First, you can see the organic structure of his head and body. This is thanks to SDS modeling. However, a further step in my 3D skills are evident here in that this model of BFree is my first model to offer some facial animation. As you can see, BFree can open and close his mouth and his eyes can rotate to look around his environment. Suffice to say I am very pleased with these new found skills.

However, sadly, I experienced the same skeletal rigging and animation problems that I did with the original BFree model, and when trying to implement a new rigging technique, encountered some very strange and frustrating skeletal rigging problems. I am continuing to try and rig this model successfully in the hope that I can get him into a useable state for his movie debut.